Awesome things i did this morning before 9am

Woke up with the Narwhal song in my head.

Put on 2 pairs of underwear (you can never be too prepared!). Edit: One after the other, in underwear layers, not due to any physical ‘incidents’. Really.

Decided to trim a pair of workout pants that were too long. Cut off a half inch too much. Made them too short for normal pants, too long for capris. Trimmed in 1/8th inch increments until they were acceptable capri length.

Carried scissors used for above seamstress-ish project from room to room, finally setting them down on the kitchen counter. Realized I needed to return said scissors to my desk mere seconds after walking downstairs and settling into my desk chair. Walked back upstairs to retrieve them. Got distracted by something shiny. Walked back downstairs to my desk. Settled into desk chair. Realized I left the scissors upstairs again. Walked up to retrieve them. Got a drink of water. Took my morning medications. Started back to my desk. Realized halfway down that I almost forgot the scissors yet again. Went back up the half flight of steps. Got the scissors. Went back to my desk.

Attempted to make the adorable sock bunny below, but my scissors were too dull. Realized the socks I chose were too thick. Spilled rice on the floor. Ended up making a freak show bunny that looked like it had been caught under the lawnmower.

DIY Sock BunnyDIY Sock Bunny (No Sew) This is the perfect craft for spring and Easter. Credit: Handimania

Posted by DIY & Crochet Addict on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Decided I should definitely sleep a little later.

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