Lists and spreadsheets and logs and journals!!!

I really should be making a list of lists of things I should be doing daily, lists of things I should be doing weekly, and lists of things I should be doing monthly. Lists of things I need to remember, lists of things to cross off so I can forget. Lists. They make me feel organized when they are, in fact, reminders of how disorganized I actually feel. Though I should be making that list, I’m writing about the list instead.

I know I touched on this before – I think it was in a post about New Year’s Resolutions. Clearly it’s still an issue. ‘Lists’ of ‘tasks’ suck. I could come up with a witty description that eliminates the word ‘suck’, but why? It’s clear and to the point. True, there are some things that need to be written down so I don’t forget; but what about the list I make AFTER I’ve already completed the tasks JUST so I can cross them off? That’s more of a log than a list. Oh crap, should I be writing lists AND logs???

Okay, so now that I’ve realized I need lists AND logs, I’m thinking that if I create a spreadsheet, I can kill two birds with one stone. I can make a monthly spreadsheet, indicate the frequency of the task, and allow space to check each item off! Unfortunately, the page is only so big, and I may need more space for comments and additional items, right? Good lord, now I need to create spreadsheets to eliminate lists and logs AS WELL AS a journal to make note of anything else of importance.

I’m the type who needs a fresh notebook every time I decide to get organized. I’m okay with ripping pages out of an old one if it happens to be spiral bound or perforated legal pad, but feel I should either file or shred the (now obsolete) removed pages. I’m all set, though. I’ve got my spreadsheet of lists and logs AND my journal. HOWEVER. I now have a spreadsheet and a journal, but I need them to be in the same place so I can refer to them both at the same time, right? So… if I put them in a file folder, I’m in good shape.

So I’ve got the file folder for my spreadsheet (lists and logs) and journal created. I can move forward in an orderly fashion once I hit the print key.

My printer is out of paper.

I’m going back to bed.