pharmaceuticals suck. or they’re great. when i figure it out I’ll let you know.

I’ve always been okay with meds for my bipolar & anxiety. Before my diagnosis, I was like a bee in a really big bottle. Buzz, thud. Buzz, thud. Buzz, thud. I didn’t know what was going on, so I sought help, got a diagnosis, and was introduced to the wide world of pharmaceuticals. I will say, it took me awhile to get to pharmaceuticals, because I was against them, so I tried homeopathy, shiatsu, aura analysis, crystal healing, chakra balancing, acupuncture, reflexology, and naturopathy. My final, desperate attempt at avoidance of medications included smudging my entire house at the suggestion of my therapist-turned-shaman. Needless to say, pharmaceuticals won.

Getting stable depended entirely on figuring out which combination of the bazillion available medications was going to work with my personal (and often stubborn) body chemistry. It was a long, frustrating, and exhausting journey getting to the point where I could function at a high level. But, I made it. And I’m meds compliant. And I go for meds checks. And I handle the minor adjustments here and there, because I pay attention to how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. I’m meds compliant, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I eat my veggies, and I exercise fairly regularly. I mostly do everything I’m supposed to.


Medication Count: 5 – 3 for bipolar/anxiety. 2 for high blood pressure to handle the side effects from my bipolar meds.
BAM!!! I’m injured. Add two more medications for pain (non-narcotic). Oops, more side effects, another medication to offset those side effects.
New Medication Count: 8

I feel like I’m too young to be on so many medications. They cause side effects which may or may not be permanent. But, they allow me to function. So, they suck, and they’re great. I am no help whatsoever!